"Without Testing Your Funnel You Could Waste $1,000's and Not Even Know it!"  - Hawk Mikado
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Funnel Testing Checklist
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Use This Checklist to Make Sure Each of Your Opt In Pages Convert
Why this checklist will help your get better results
Your Opt in checklist will give you a leg up on everything you need to be able to create and launch an effective funnel inside of Click Funnels. It will help you with Split Testing, Creative Ideas to Generate More Leads, and How to Get Feedback from your target market for FREE!
The 5 Most Important Tips & Tools:
  • Know how to make sure your funnel always shows up exactly how you want it to inside of Facebook, on Ads, and in Search Engines
  • The 10 Criticle Steps that You Can't Miss or your funnel Will fail
  • 3 Functions Most People have no clue exhist and why they will give you a leg up on conversions and design
  • The 20+ Point Checklist to Getting Higher Opt ins
  • Our Weirdest Split Tests That Maximized Conversions
Building Your Funnel May Only Take 10 Minutes, But Getting it To Convert Can Take You Days... Eliminate Your Stress! Download This Guide
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